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About Julie Surface Johnson
For those of you who have studied personality types, Julie is a "melancholy" aka a "beaver." She's happiest when she's constructing something, off in a den by herself . . .
thinking or writing.

Julie won a city-wide competition at the age of 9 with a poem to her Dad on Father's Day.  From then on, writing became an important part of her life.  In addition to poetry, she has written hymns, Bible studies, books on child-rearing, devotional books, non-fiction works ranging from articles to full-length research books on abortion and other life issues. Where are all of these books? In boxes, in the attic. Why? The beaver was unwilling to leave her den to tackle the marketplace.

Over the past three years, Julie turned her attention to fiction writing, seeing it as an important vehicle for proclaiming truth. As one pro-life leader told her, "I have always thought that it is through the 'arts' and popular culture (stories, songs, etc.) that we will get our message across most effectively." And so Julie continues to write. 

The Sisters at Heart Series --  These six novels demonstrate the power of positive choices as they examine human struggles in women who are attempting to live a Christ-like life. In the midst of their trials, they find wisdom, strength and support from their friends, the Bible, and ultimately, God Himself. The main characters in this series are Liz, Annie, Susan, Carly, Mariah, and Emma, women representing various ages and socio-economic levels.

Over Coffee (We Shared Our Secrets) introduces the main characters through their participation in a post-abortion support group which holds its weekly meetings in Liz's coffee shop.  As they tell their stories, we get glimpses of very different women with very different lives, but all of them dealing--to varying degrees--with post-abortion stress. (See photo at left. Book available at www.WinePressBooks.com, www.amazon.com, and www.christianbook.com, and www.barnes and noble.com. For more information about this book, go to Over Coffee.

Over Time (We Searched Our Hearts
) deals with end-of-life issues. Includes the same six characters but focuses on Liz and Annie as they deal with death. In a story of love rekindled and life renewed, Liz and Annie face the impending death of relatives--a husband and a mother respectively. Confronting the finality of death, both women recognize a need for reconciliation with their loved one. As they deal with their own flaws, the relationships begin to heal. In the end, Liz receives a second chance at life with the man of her dreams, while Annie receives the blessed assurance she will see her dying mother in heaven.

Overboard (We Fell in Love)
. Mariah's latest boyfriend helps her achieve "financial freedom" through the magic of plastic. Encouraging her to live beyond her means, he helps her plunge deeply into debt. When she finally rejects her folly, and Paul along with it, he flies into a rage and brutally rapes her. With the help of friends, a wounded Mariah moves forward. One day Daniel Miller, Mariah's former neighbor, arrives to ask forgiveness for past grievances. She and Daniel fall in love. Just as she begins to hope for lasting happiness, she discovers that, as a result of the rape, she is pregnant. Refusing to abort the child and fearing Danny will never understand, she breaks off their relationship. Meanwhile Annie has a deepening friendship of her own and wrestles with an entirely different set of issues. Is her attraction to Doug a betrayal of her deceased husband George? How do older people conduct themselves in dating relationships? Is it okay to marry a divorced man? And how can she be sure he's a Christian? In this novel, two very different women face common issues of life in modern times--materialism, contentment, dating, sexuality, love, purity, and forgiveness.

Over the Rainbow (We Discovered Gold
). When the ultrasound reveals that Carly's sister-in-law is carrying a baby with Trisomy 13, Beth and Kurt have a choice to make. In addition, Emma's baby is diagnosed with Down syndrome. This book deals with the pain and confusion faced by parents who receive an adverse diagnosis and introduces readers to the gentle ministry of perinatal hospice.

Over One Hill (And Up Another). Susan Garrett suddenly finds herself parenting her grandchild when her unmarried daughter Melissa becomes restless and skips town. After a run of bad luck, Melissa discovers the futility of running from her responsibilities and returns to her old home town. Grandma Susan, meanwhile, has uncovered a root of bitterness in her soul that has soured relationships, both new and old. As Susan and Melissa work on rebuilding their lives, they find healing, hope and a fresh start in the arms of the men who love them.

The above books are completed. The following book is under construction.

Over the Sea (We Explored New Grou
nd). Carly and Joe experience marital difficulties and flash back to blissful memories in Italy as they work through their problems. At the same time Liz and Bill finally get to take that extended double-date with Annie and Doug and find themselves in a luxurious villa, day-tripping throughout Tuscany.




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