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About Dick
For those of you who have studied personality types, Dick is a "phlegmatic" aka a "golden retriever." At least, that's his story, and he's sticking to it.
Dick worked in a warehouse for 35 years before taking early retirement. It took him that long to decide he was tired of clocking in every day. True to his personality type, he never complained. Instead, he saw the plant as his mission field and rejoiced as many of his co-workers and friends came to Christ. Dick's a sweet, lovable guy, who can accomplish just about anything he sets his mind to.
He's handsome, too!
These days, Dick focuses on his grandchildren, Thomas, Sam, Luke, and Vivienne. They adore him.

So does Julie. Married more than 40 years, they still get a kick out of cruising around in Dick's yellow sports car. Someday he'll grow tired of it and the grandkids will have to draw straws for Grandpa's chariot.

Dick's Visitation Ministry
Dick also continues a life-long admiration of those he calls Senior Saints, folks who have walked with the Lord for decades, accumulating great wisdom and grace. Some of these "shut-ins" are goldmines of information. They know how to live. Why? Because they've learned to trust in God's sovereignty and to enjoy the One who knows all things, has all power, and loves unconditionally.

Though Dick visits these golden-agers in hopes of encouraging them, it is always Dick who is most blessed. One particular gentleman in his nineties walks so close to the Lord that he reflects the presence of Jesus. Dick especially loves John.
Dick's Tic Tac Ministry
At the other end of the spectrum Dick's fondness for small children is evident in his Tic Tac ministry. He's known as the Tic Tac Man by the kiddos who run up to him after church each Sunday and ask for a "Tic Tac." He asks them, "Who's #1?" And they answer, "Jesus!" He's been doing this for 25 years and is now handing out Tic Tacs to second generation children, all the while reinforcing the preeminence of Christ to little people in their impressionable years.

Dick has had many responsibilities in the church, including 20+ years on the board, first as a deacon and then as an elder. No ministry has meant more to him than teaching the children that Jesus is #1.
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